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Hello and welcome to your website. We want this to be a friendly site where members can share their knowledge and skills and fore-mostly enjoy themselves! PLEASE READ SITE POLICY BEFORE POSTING PLEASE NOTE IF YOU FIND YOUR UNABLE TO LOG IN PLEASE CONTACT ADMIN BY READING THE PROFILE. oh and if you want to play a few games while your chattting .look on the bottom of home page and you will see ...arcade beta click and play
Say Hello! and other info
Please post here to say a little bit about yourself and your interests. Please note to stop spammers if no posts are made in the first 3 days then autodelete will close your account,and you will need to reapply in a new id.
How to use the site
not sure how to do something , answers are here.
Gardening Tutorials
New to the world of gardening ? find help here for help with the basics with our "howtodoits" and general information on starting out from finding an allotment working with the soil right upto and beyond harvesting your produce
The Garden Bench
Somewhere to chat and discuss your day or just chew the fat!
Cabbages and T'ings
Anything to do with growing our humble veggies.
Members Articles
Here you will find articles written by our members about gardening, note copyright is held by the authors and cannot be reproduced without written permission.some of these articles may appear elsewhere on other sites
Cooking, medicinal or cosmetic!
Fruit 'n Nuts
Soft fruits, hard fruits....and the nuts that grow them.
...a Host of Golden Daffodils
Anything to do with flowers.
Trees and Shrubs
For all info on green umbrellas.
Growing Journals
A place to put your own planting diary. ( you just have to edit it yourself)
tree and shrub maintanance
RHS. Plant finder
This site is for any member to use to find that plant that sets your heart racing .it is a locked forum all you need to do is click the link .
Polytunnels and Greenhouses
A special area for those with or wanting to grow under cover tips on how to get the best from them and some of the pitfalls
Holiday memories
Heres a space to share those holiday pics and even those little trips out for the day.
Not so Paltry Poultry
this forum also includes all your bird types ,if you have a different birds in your collection you want to show us put them in this main section please.for specific questions or posts on single types please refer to links ,ty xxx
Raunchy Rabbits
Do you home-rear rabbits for the table?
Raising Livestock
Home-rearing for the table.
Poultry links
this forum is for links to poultry suppliers and anything connected to same. a link back to this site is expected and should be arranged within 7 days of initial post thank you
Chickens and all those things related to them ,help with care and husbandry .this forum will include slaughtering and table preperation information.
Duck into here for help with our quacking pals . this forum will include slaughtering and table preperation.
Turkey talk here folks ,from hatching to roasting.this forum will include slaughtering and table preperation information.
Care and managing geese. this forum will include slaughtering and table preperation information
Vegetarians table
this special room is for those who dont do meat
Food, Glorious Food!
All those fresh fruit and veggies. .....not forgetting the home-reared meat! Recipes here please.
Foragers Feast
Hedgerow and beach , field and furrow, there's food for now't, if you know where to burrow!
Home Brew
Here is the spot for the drinking set
Jam making and preserves
For those folks like aggy who love to make home made preserves
On yer bike!!!
The Ark
Everyone loves pets!
Go wild in the country
as requested ( flighty )a forum for the wild things caught on camera
Selkie's Ramblings
As its says . selkie lives in a beautiful part of the country, follow her if you wish
Knit One....Drop one
Share your knitting skills and patterns here.
Well Hooked!
Anything to do with crocheting.
The Thimble
Hand, treadle or electric's all happening here!
This room is for you crafty folks to post links to your other fav sites . please remember to post a link back to this site in your profile signature
Lest we Forget
For all those country crafts that are being forgotten.
' Out of Town '
A tribute here to Jack Hargreaves . Crafts like eel nets made from wicker to flounder sticking on the estuary. Let's try rekindle some of these skills.
All at sea
dangling ya bits from beach or boat. sea angling's here.
Boat rebuild project

In the Scope
Rifle Shooters can rest their eye here. All we ask is a little common sense.
Gas or Air
All those who who dont shoot live.
12 or 20,4 bore or 10
Shotgunners, field or forshore, put up you're posts if you want to read more.
Game Rearing
tips on rearing a few pheaants or prtridge for your shoot
Hammer & Nails
Projects in Wood
This forum is for those who like to build stuff ( like me) for help with builds and ideas you can use
Some folks have them so talk about them here .spares and repair help
For sale or exchange
This forum is for those with something to sell or swap , you will not be able post here until you clear the advert with myself or the advert to us first please. show no contact details on the open forum thanks ,admin
Post here to suggest new forums/layouts etc.
Scarecrow News magazine
this forum is for those who find offers free or whatever that may interest folks
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